Offering high performance tankless rack systems as well as options to pair with a storage tank, the TTS Synergy Series offers industry leading performance in a wide range of configurations. Commercial Tankless engineering meets high performance with the TTS Synergy Series.

What is TTS?
What is TTS?
The Total Tankless Solution
FRG's Total Tankless Solution features manifolds piped in our factory for hot and cold water, as well as gas and condensate. It also features wiring with a breaker panel, a building recirculation pump, and neutralizer. All built into a strong but lightweight aluminum frame boasting a OPC (One Point of Connection).
What is TTS?

Ideal for Most Solutions

S Series

S2-MINI, S3, S4-MINI, S5, S6

The S Series utilizes a floor standing configuration and boasts all features found on our TTS Systems. Featuring a BTU range of 399,800 – 1,199,400 which is powerful enough for most commercial needs.

Ideal for Jobs with High Periodic Demand

TWST Series


The TWST Series boasts all the features found on our TTS Systems while also utilizing a storage tank. This system can range from 399,800 to 1,199,400 BTU meaning it has enough power for most commercial scenarios.

Ideal for Limited Space

TTS-SWH Series


The TTS-SWH Series comes with all the features from other TTS Systems while utilizing a wall hung configuration. The SWH series can range from 399,800 to 799,600 BTU, enough power to handle most mid-sized restaurants or small businesses.

Designed for Custom Solutions


Factory Install Options

Our FIOP is our custom offerings that are tailored to the needs and demands of a business. If a demand is greater than one of our standard offerings, this is the solution for you.

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Why Synergy?
At FRG, we are synergizing multiple technologies and resources for the best commercial water heater systems available.
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Footprint Comparison

The FRG TTS Systems are designed to bring business owners space savings on a large scale, cutting down the footprint of similar configurations with tank storage.

System Dimensions

Available in 13 configurations, the FRG TTS and TWST systems are designed to fit your business needs and available space.

Additional Features and Benefits

The NCC199CDV features the best warranty in the commercial tankless industry – 10 years on the unit’s heat exchanger.
OPC - One Point of Connection
  • Water
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Condensate
  • Venting
Most Compact
Ability to combine multiple heaters in the smallest footprint as well as the ability to fit through any commercial door.
Professionally integrated accessories within the aluminum frame.
Storage Needs
Providing optional storage water heater integration.

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